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For over two months we have been watching a new increasing wave of remote work implemented by several companies, in order to maintain their activity while keeping their employees safe. Workers have had to adapt to online and digital processes, but this transition has not always been smooth: businesses with a strong physical connection, such as a physical product or service, might not have been fully successful.

Synthetic Realities, commonly known as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, are now part of our everyday life. From the gaming industry to lifestyle apps, this new way to experience reality is all around us. How are businesses taking advantage of this digital virtual era?

On November 7th to 10th, Lisbon will held the 2016’s edition of Web Summit, known as “Europe’s Largest Technology Marketplace”. More than 50.000 people will gather to talk about tech and its many applications on our daily lives, and to discuss the latest trends in many tech related areas such as Marketing, Fashion, Design, Code, Content, Data, amongst others.

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